Disability Rights & Resources

Our Mission is to Empower People with Disabilities to Fully Participate in  the Community

Disability Rights & Resources is a non-profit,  center for independent living serving Jefferson, Walker, Blount, St. Clair & Shelby counties in Alabama.  We provide “the power of hope & freedom”.  Disability Rights & Resources is not a residential center.  We are an organization that assists individuals in living the life they want as a valued member of our community. Our services are consumer-controlled, so you can direct the services you receive.  Anyone who resides in the service area and identifies themselves as a person with a disability is eligible for our FREE services.  We serve individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities.  Disability Rights & Resources works closely with other agencies in our service area to provide information and resources to our consumers.  You can check out our Resources Spotlight below to learn more about the groups with which we partner.

Disability Rights & Resources provides the following services (you can click on the service name for more information):

For more information, call (205) 251-2223, or e-mail Judy.Roy@drradvocates.org.  You can also download our Brochure.

Resource Spotlight

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor offers a family refuge program and a one on one mentoring program.  Safe Harbor is dedicated to providing preventative guidance along with timely and helpful information about destructive behaviors that threaten today’s young people.
For families in crisis they offer support, counsel and hope … visit www.thesafeharbor.org for more information.

Volunteer Spotlight:

Magic city chocolate Challenge VOLUNTEERs!

Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, chefs, auction donors, volunteers and event patrons.   You make the Magic City Chocolate Challenge happen!

Monthly Budget Tip:

Be sure to shop around for the best prices. Many stores offer price matches.  Check around before purchasing big ticket items.  Ask about warranties or guarantees when purchasing large items or appliances.  Make sure you know how your investment is protected.

Video on Accessible Playground

Ramp Construction Video

Disability Rights and Resources seeks to equip people with disabilities, the resources and tools needed to be independent and connected within the community.

Our goal is to help people make decisions for themselves and to change the community’s perception of people with disabilities.