Disability Rights & Resources

Our Mission is to Empower People with Disabilities to Fully Participate in  the Community


Disability Rights & Resources is a non-profit,  center for independent living serving Jefferson, Walker, Blount, St. Clair & Shelby counties in Alabama.  We provide “the power of hope & freedom”.  Disability Rights & Resources is not a residential center.  We are an organization that assists individuals in living the life they want as a valued member of our community. Our services are consumer-controlled, so you can direct the services you receive.  Anyone who resides in the service area and identifies themselves as a person with a disability is eligible for our FREE services.  We serve individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities.  Disability Rights & Resources works closely with other agencies in our service area to provide information and resources to our consumers.  You can check out our Resources Spotlight below to learn more about the groups with which we partner.

Disability Rights & Resources provides the following services (you can click on the service name for more information):

For more information, call (205) 251-2223, or e-mail Judy.Roy@drradvocates.org.  You can also download our Brochure.

Resource Spotlight

Emergency Preparedness – HEAT

When it gets cold, our muscles move and we get increased blood flow to warm things up.  When it gets hot (or when our bodies get hot from exercise), we begin to sweat.  When it gets so hot that our maximum sweating just won’t cool us off enough or it’s so humid that sweat has trouble evaporating in the first place our bodies can experience dangerous heat-related symptoms.

The small children, the elderly, and people with disabilities and chronic health conditions are more susceptible to heat-related illness.  Heat-related health concerns especially touch people with disabilities for physiological reasons: for example, people with multiple sclerosis have been shown to experience greater pain and fatigue on hot days, and some people with spinal cord injuries don’t have the ability to sweat as a means of cooling down.  July and August are the hottest months in Alabama averaging around 90.8 degrees?

You should plan to help yourself survive a heat wave.  After all, who knows your needs better than you?  Identify the things you use on a daily basis and what you might do if they weren’t available.  That should be the starting point for building a summer emergency preparedness kitWhat do you need to stay safe and healthy during a heat wave?  Does heat take a toll on your power wheelchair?  Do you need oxygen, extra food and water for yourself and your service animal so you don’t have to go out in the heat as often?  You can find information about extreme heat preparedness and response for seniors and individuals with access and functional needs at https://www.ready.gov/heat

Volunteer Spotlight:

Community foundation of greater birminghamcheck photo

Thank you to Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for awarding a $20,000 community grant to Community Action and Disability Rights & Resources in Blount and St. Clair counties.  The grant money will be used to create an accessible consumer computer lab at Community Action facilities in Blount & St. Clair counties.

Monthly Budget Tip:

Track your expenses for one month to see where you spend your money.  You might be surprised at how those biscuits, coffees, or cokes add up!  Take a look at the expenses at the end of the month and see where you might be able to save a little more!!

Video on Accessible Playground

Ramp Construction Video

Disability Rights and Resources seeks to equip people with disabilities, the resources and tools needed to be independent and connected within the community.

Our goal is to help people make decisions for themselves and to change the community’s perception of people with disabilities.