Educational Resources – IEP/504

Does your child have an IEP or 504?  Here are some great resources that might help you prepare for the meeting.  Our peer support staff is also available to help answer questions and help you advocate for yourself or your child.

Alabama Parent Education Center

The Alabama Parent Education Center (APEC) is a non-profit organized by parents, educators, and professionals serving families formed to provide parents with training and information to help them become meaningful participants in their children’s education.  Visit APEC.

Information Chart

IEP Information Chart is an information chart you might find helpful. It was prepared by the Alabama Parent Education Center (APEC).  The chart can help both you and the school staff prepare for an IEP or 504 meeting.  Transition planning for youth is key to helping our youth reach their maximum potential.


Alabama School Connection A great site that keeps many informed about educational matters and it is not biased. It is a great resource at this time to stay in the knowing.